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Mobile Casino Evolution

Ever wonder how mobile casino slots got their start? Why did they become so popular? Nowadays, they are modern-day technical masterpieces as well the no deposit bonus. However, in decades gone past, the slot machine was primarily a straightforward mechanical instrument with revolving wheels. Nothing lavish.

They were aptly given the moniker one-armed bandit, since you would insert a coin, tug the arm and it took your money. They were awfully simple. Some believe slot machines have taken a back step.

For decades, the big attraction of slots was the hope of a large payout. Everyone loved hitting the jackpot and having coins spew out nonstop. It became a regular occurrence, and even a beautiful sound, hearing the coins hitting the metallic tray below. It gave many confidence they would soon be the next big winner.

Now, it’s all very technical. Now rather than it be a sign that you have just scored, the machine coolly and quietly prints out a redemption ticket. Clean, yes. Fun, no.

Yet, there is an upside to expansion and growth. Before you would insert a couple of coins, the wheels would turn and if you were lucky, some money would pop out. This got boring and so many turned to other games.

Virtual, RNG slots have exploded like a tidal wave and casino slots are more like miniature video games. They offer bonus and side games, moving components and more flash and excitement.

Log in to any mobile casino (or walk into a land casino) and gone are the simple 777 machine (mostly). They’ve got penny machines, nickel machines, quarter machines, dollars and higher. Now most machines are themed. You’ll find TV show, movie brands, game shows, cartoon and just about any other well-known and popular brand you can think of.

Slot machines have emerged into next-generation platforms of gaming, especially since 2003, which is when WMS created the CPU-NXT. It introduced film-quality animation and hi-definition graphics. The future is bright for online slots players as long as they come with a no deposit bonus.

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